Maximizing Profits with DEVELON: Giant Rock 1990’s Success Story

Dive into the insightful journey of Mr. Narong Kongkallaya, Managing Director of Giant Rock 1990, as he discusses the transformative impact of DEVELON’s machinery on their operations.

🚀 Key Highlights:
-DEVELON’s Impact: Learn how DEVELON’s DX220LC-7M, DX225LCA, and DX140W models revolutionized Giant Rock 1990’s productivity, enabling a staggering output of 10,000 tons per day.
-Advanced Technology: Discover the benefits of DEVELON’s state-of-the-art TMS system, offering real-time data and operational insights.
-Unmatched Service: Hear about DEVELON’s exceptional after-sales support, a critical factor in Giant Rock 1990’s enduring success.

🔍 Curious to see how DEVELON can transform your business? Watch now and explore the potential of DEVELON’s powerful machinery.

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