2023 HD Hyundai Infracore Asia Dealer Conference — Uniting for a Brighter Future

🌟2023 HD Hyundai Infracore Asia Dealer Conference in Bangkok🌟

Reuniting after four years, ‘2023 HD Hyundai Infracore Asia Dealer Conference’ in Bangkok was a dynamic blend of strategy and collaboration.
Key discussions focused on enhancing brand presence and embracing innovative solutions for the future.🚀

The event, attended by CEO Seunghyun Oh and over 70 attendees, celebrated our shared vision towards global leadership.
Evenings sparkled with traditional Thai performances and live band performances, symbolizing the strong bonds within our DEVELON community.🎉🤝

Concluding with golf and historic tours, the conference reinforced our commitment to growth and partnership.
Here’s to moving forward together with DEVELON!💡🌏


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